Outdoor-design for Kindergarden Pfarrstrasse 91/93, Berlin Lichtenberg (1st section, nearly completed)


Hauffstr. 6 in the quarter Lichtenberg in Berlin is dedicated for the extension of the existing outdoor area for a Kindergarden in Pfarrstrasse 91/93. In the course of the restoration of the former dwelling house Pfarrstrasse 91 in autumn 2000, the garden of the future Kindergarden was designed.

The concept for the outdoor space is based on the idea to have the free open space of the Kita not exclusively in the own property. The aim was to include the close surrounding spaces into the whole available area. In this sense a later extension is already destinated in this concept for a public playground on the property of the Hauffstrasse 6 for the public outdoor space. A part of a wooden footbridge is already realized. This element interconnects both sides. In the meantime the possible new purpose of the property Hauffstrasse 6 continued to proceed. The idea to establish a public playground would not only increase the significance of this playground of the new day-care center. It could also create a qualityful contribution for the supply with open space in Lichtenberg.


Carrier of construction: Sozialdiakonische Jugendarbeit e.V. Pfarrstrasse 111, 10317 Berlin.

Design for the total area

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