"Vom großen Welt- und Gartenspiel"

We presented the exhibition by Sonja Dümpelmann (author) in cooperation with Susanne Karn (Ausstellungskuratorin) about the work of the herbaceous perennial plant cultivator Karl Foerster in the order of the Staatsbibliothek Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz.


The exhibition was presented

from 17th august to 22th september 2001

at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz

Haus Unter den Linden 8, Berlin-Mitte

with works of Jean von Rügen (ceramicist)

Mo–Fr 9–21.00, Sat 9–17.00

sundays closed


from 8th september to 7th oktober 2001

at Ausstellungspavillon Freundschaftsinsel Potsdam

with works of André von Martens (ceramicist)


10–18 Uhr


Since 1985 the national library in Berlin owns the entire collection of Karl Foerster, the gardener, perennial plant cultivator and writer. His manuscripts are kept in the autographic department.

In cooperation with the federal garden show in Potsdam the national library introduced this exhibition to the public at two places:
In the house Unter den Linden in Berlin and in the exhibition pavilion on the Freundschaftsinsel in Potsdam. Karl Förster was born in 1874 in Berlin. He is the son of the well-known astronomer and director of the royal observatory Berlin, Wilhelm Förster. After his schooldays he attended the gardening education in Potsdam-Wildpark and traveled to several countries and places to use and expand his knowledge of gardens.
Within the years 1903 to 1907, he built up his first own market garden in Berlin-Westend which moved1910/1911 to Potsdam Bornim. His successful years in Bornim showed him on the highlight of his cultivation works - the delphinium had quite particularly done it to him. Karl Förster won a worldwide reputation also as a writer about gardens.
Besides this he published books with meditations about living with the plant about meetings with people and landscapes experiences of life and wisdoms which should develop man joy in nature and the gardening work. His books have earned him the name of the garden philosopher of Bornim.
For its scientific performances he received numerous honors, so for in 1950 Dr. Agr
hc. by the Humboldt university, 1964 the professor title; in 1967 he became an extraordinary member of the West Berlin academy of arts .
Karl Foerster died in Potsdam-Bornim on November 27th, 1970.

An accompanying booklet was published for the exhibition.

ISBN 3-88053-085-8 © Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz


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